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Will of Fire Finale!

Will of Fire is now complete (and I know some people were waiting to read it until then), so I thought I'd give it one last post. Thanks for all the support! Hope you enjoy the ending!

Chapter 26!

KakaSaku Big Bang!

Been forever huh? Well that's partly because I've been sitting on this for months. This is my contribution to the kakasaku Big Bang! contest. A couple authors have written little stories inspired by this pic, so be sure to check back later when I have the links up.

Meanwhile, head over to kakasakuand check out all the yummy art and fic created in the Big Bang!

Thrill of the MomentCollapse )

Moar Will of Fire Art

Told you I would make up for lost time. XD

A Long Time ComingCollapse )

Will of Fire Art

It's been a long time, I know. I plan to start making up for that soon.

Hope you like.

Sakura & ShikoCollapse )

The Party's Over, but I'm Still Dancing...

I've been pondering something the past few days (though the seeds have been germinating for several months). So how do I put this without sounding whiny...?

Is this the end?Collapse )


So last week was Zutara week, and I figured it was time I showed my love for this pairing again.

Summer NightsCollapse )

BRB, Dancing with Dragons...

Just got book five in A Song of Ice and Fire series (aka Game of Thrones)!  It's almost 1k pages, so I doubt I'll be around much the next couple weeks.


Will of Fire Illustration

I could say I haven't had much time lately, but the truth is my muse for art has been MIA. I finally went out and dragged it home by the hair, so now I can catch up on all the art I want to do. XD

First, another character sketch from WoF: Hinata and Hanabi.

And finally, an illustration from way back in Ch. 8:

In a Tight SpotCollapse )

Thou Art a Pernicious Bawd!

I'm back from the Oregon Shakespeare Festival!

Went with a group of friends from school and we had a great time, saw Measure for Measure and Love's Labors Lost, both of which I hadn't read before. I'd never been to the Shakespeare Festival and I thought it would be something pretty decent and middle-of-the-road cool, with pro-am actors and such. I was wrong. This thing was seriously legit and the quality of performance was excellent. I recognized several actors from TV and film. Definitley want to go again next year, and if you live in WA, OR, or northern CA and like Shakespeare, I definitely recommend going.

In other news, Will of Fire has been updated! Chapter 15 here.

I've been a horrible procrastinator with all the fandom stuff I planned to do this summer, but I'm trying to get back on track and throw some fanarts out for your viewing pleasure. XD



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